Laval Virtual team visited Virtualware in the European Virtual Reality Tour

  • Laval Virtual is one of the largest virtual reality events in the world. The show, which has been running since 1999, is Europe’s seminal virtual reality event attracting the “who’s who” of digital innovation. This year Laval Virtual has teamed up with Euro VR to launch a European Virtual Reality Tour. The expedition will see reps from both organisation travel through 22 different countries – covering an impressive 25,000 kilometres! Their mission is simple, to visit the most influential companies in the field of immersive technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 3D interaction, internet of things and artificial intelligence).

    The team composed of Ismaël Boucher (international liason officer for Laval Virtual), Gauthier Blanche (EVRT Technical Co-ordinator), and Valentin Régnier (Community Manager EVRT) chose to stop by the Virtualware offices whilst in Spain. The experts in VR and AR from Laval Virtual had the opportunity to test our new VR system which was recently patented by the Virtualware Group and presented at CES, and SXSW in Texas. The system offers a novel low-cost method for tracking multiple users in large-scale environments. The system has unlimited potential for scaling and offers a game changing solution for large interactive VR experiences.

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    About Virtualware

    Virtualware is a world renowned company with expertise in turn-key solutions for immersive and interactive technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, immersive training, serious games and interactive hardware manufacturing. The Virtualware Group, with 14 years of experience in the market, closed 2017 with a turnover of 4.7 million euros - representing a +20% growth on a very successful 2016.

    Virtualware Group is formed by three companies working in the field of immersive and interactive technologies: Virtualware offers bespoke immersive digital solutions for a range of industries. Evolv has developed a range of proprietary digital health applications, specializing in rehabilitation and orthopaedics. And Nmerso which is commercializing a patented virtual reality tracking system with the potential for unlimited users and huge room scale VR experiences.

    The Group has 70 people in its offices in Bilbao, Madrid, United Kingdom, Mexico and Chile, and has its own R + D + i (Virtualware Labs).

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