Virtualware exhibits for the first time at Gamescom 2017

Virtualware attended the must-go-to event for all gamers, Gamescom, that took place in Cologne, Germany, as part of the Spanish mission “Games from Spain” with other Spanish game developers.

"It was our first time attending this well-known European after having made a strategic commitment to a new business line focused on videogame development" points out Daniel Diez, Game Producer of Monster Essence.  He added "We were showing two titles this year, Monster Essence, a MOBA game that aims to amaze users with its unique style and battle mechanics".

Professionals in the videogame sector were able to enjoy a sneak preview of Virtualware’s other game, Mindtaker "Virtual Experience", which it is co-producing with Relevo Games. This terror game for PS4 and PSVR, was first presented earlier 2016 at the E3 in Los Angeles and later in Fun & Serious Game Festival in Bilbao, in Gamelab 2017 (Barcelona) and in Madrid in the Resort PSVR.

Mindtaker is already available for pre-order, and the official release is planned in mid-2018.

Good impressions at Gamescom

Virtualware has been able to take full advantage of this singular event in order to establish new professional links and meet with multiple international gaming and publishing companies.  “We have been able to successfully announce and present the game Monster Essence, which we’re about to release.  We also got some very valuable feedback from the attendees, that we will take into account in this very last stage of development. We also got quite a bit of interest from many international publishers, particularly from Southeast  Asia” added Daniel. "After having seen the competitors and other big titles in the market, we realized that we are not far from those large firms with big budgets in terms of technical competence, and we know we can develop quality games for any platform, using a third-party model.”

Highlights from Gamescom

The event brought together the major firms within videogame sector. We have to mention Blizzard Entertainment for its amazingly decorated stand. Of we can’t forget EA and its new and impressive Battlefront II game, especially with all the ultra-cool scale models of Star Wars ships and space troopers found  around their booth.  A Star Wars geek’s dream come true!

But Gamescom is not only for super-productions.  We were hardly surprised by all the small production companies that exhibited in all the pavilions in the fair. The fact that so many smaller companies were there clearly shows that the video game industry is more alive than ever all over the world. Finally, we definitely have to mention the wide presence of Virtual Reality technologies that was on display all over the place. It seems that VR is here to stay and that gaming companies will be pushing this technology to its limits, which is great.  We’re definitely looking forward to taking part in Gamescom in 2018!


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