Virtualware will be attending Gamescom for presenting Monster Essence

Games from Spain confirms its presence, one more time, in Gamescom, one of the most important videogames event that gathers the key actors of the videogames industry in Cologne. The Games from Spain booth is in the pavilion 4.1 and has an area of 120 square meters that provides services to the exhibiting companies. As is common in this event, ICEX has contacted with national delegations of other countries to exchange the exhibitor catalogue in order to create synergies. Canada and South Korea are the chosen. Furthermore, a networking event in the Games from Spain booth will be celebrated on 23rd August.

For Virtualware, it is the best location for presenting Monster Essence, a multiplayer online battle arena (moba) game for mobile devices.  A game based on strategy and action that immerse the players in a fantastic world in which they will discover incredible creatures who will help them to face their enemies.  Choose the three characters with their own abilities, arms and weapons to confront the enemy and finally conquer the arena. It is a very special game production with a flashy style.  It is one of the bets of Virtualware in the international and national context as a game development study with a high capacity of creating outstanding products for every game platform, in a third-party basis. More than 10 years of experience in the market, have given Virtualware the technical knowledge to develop their own games or for other companies in the entertaining sector.

Mindtaker is another ambitious production of terror videogames for PS4 and PSVR that Virtualware is coproducing with Relevo Videogames.  A mystery, explorative and terror game, in which a policeman has to come back to his old neighbourhood to investigate a crime related to a bewitched mansion.

About Games from Spain - ICEX

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public business entity in Spain with the mission of promoting the internationalization of companies and heighten their competitiveness.  Games from Spain is the umbrella brand created by ICEX for the videogames companies promotion in internacional markets and events.

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