3D Animation in Peñas Marine World

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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

The local government planned to renovate the Peñas Marine World Interpretation Centre, located on the ground floor of the lighthouse at the Cape of Peñas. The centre, opened in 2005, was created in response to the numerous visitors to the area and a way of showing them the tourism offering of the area. The centre is divided into several rooms: one  focused on lighthouses, another on shipwrecks and storms, another is dedicated to the sea, another  to the marine world of crags, and the last one, ”The window of Gozon”, offers a gastronomic and cultural route. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a 3D installation for the main exhibition room, dedicated to the northwest winds and marine storms. The hardware installation was formed of  a stereoscopic projection  system with a panoramic screen of 2,5m x 3,5 metres. Virtualware used the latest in 3D animation technology to create a totally immersive and highly realistic projection in this virtual visit to the sea. 

4 Results: 

Once the visitor puts on their 3D glasses, they are taken on a virtual visit that allows them to experience  exciting scenes around the sea. They witness the results of a terrible storm and the resulting shipwrecks. Later, they travel to the depths of the sea to see and witness the deadly battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale.