3D Fashion Website

Marketing , Retail

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1 Client: 

Fashion Professional: Mercedes Suengas

2 Situation: 

This was an early project that arose with the objective of reinventing how people could interact with fashion within virtual environments. The web adapts itself to consumers new digital habits affected the the shopping process.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware designed the online project (www.crearmoda.com) that includes a 3D 'fitting room' that allows different types of clothing to be easily, quickly and interactively customized with numerous designs. Visitors can choose different garments and get an automatic 3D preview of how the garments would fit based on the designs being chosen.

4 Results: 

The website provided and early examplo of how virtual 3D web environments could add value to the shopping experience different from tradition flat designed websites thanks to the interactivity it provided to users.