3D Projection in Gorafe

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1 Client: 

Gorafe Town Council / Association for Rural Development of the Region of Guadix

2 Situation: 

The new Gorafe Megalithism Interpretation Center was inaugurated in June of 2011. It is part of this region’s commitment toward promoting local cultural heritage. The aim was to bring the history and curiosities of one of the most important necropolises in Spain to the public's attention.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a complex 3D system, including both hardware and software, explains in a visually immersive manner how people lived in the area of Gorafe 4,500 years ago. The installation consisted of a 3D projection that measures 3.5 meters wide by 2.20 meters high and which immerses the public in a prehistoric habitat occupied by tribes characterized by burials in collective graves.

4 Results: 

A three-dimensional setting that explains in an immersive fashion what the settlement's life as a society was like, how they built the dolmens, and their intricate burial rituals.