3D web configurator

Marketing , Retail

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2 Situation: 

The customer was looking for a value-added service to help its resellers to encourage end customers to purchase its products. In general, the public prefer ready-made solutions and tend to shy away from modular products and purchase kits. In an attempt to reverse this trend, AR Storage Solutions is seeking to provide design and "shopping list" when it comes to planning storage space.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware has developed a planning system embedded in the customer's own website, and accessed via a password and user name. The application is available only to registered users who are checked out to ensure that they are resellers. It links each user with the AR products that they sell, so that they can only design rooms with the products that they actually handle (i.e. not with the full AR range). It also enables them to design spaces, including doors, windows and columns, that may limit shelf placement. The system enables users to add shelf units, selecting measurements, number of shelves, etc. Once the designer is completed, and interactive 3D model of the room is shown, and a detailed report is produced listing the items featured in the composition and their retail prices.

4 Results: 

This new system enables spaces to be configured online, thus multiplying the value offered to customers, partners and employees.