Altamira VR Experience

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1 Client: 

Morena Films

2 Situation: 

The film “Altamira” directed by Hugh Hudson and characterized by Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett, Irene Escola among other, which is about the discovery of the Cantabrian cave, Morena Films and Samsung promote the film in an exceptional and unique way

3 Solution: 

From the 3D data, accurately scanned by Gim Geomatics, a company dedicated to the Management of Civil, Heritage, Historical and Environmental Information, Virtualware has created a 3D model that reproduce  the cave in real scale and at a high level precision, specially of the cave paintings also declared World Heritage in 1985.  The company Gim Geomatics has been in charge of developing a high detailed topography that contains information from both the outside and from the geological structure data.  The combination of these technologies enable the user to get immersed in the cave, discovering the bison, deer and horse paintings as the main character of the film, Maria Sanz de Santuola did in 1878.  The access to cave has been forbidden for 12 years to the public due to heritage preservation and conservation issues.

4 Results: 

The National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid, and some other important museums along the country have Altamira VR Experience at the users disposal, an virtual reality experiences developed by Virtualware that introduces the viewer inside the cave, declared Cultural Heritage.