AR Automotive Training App

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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Tknika is a Vocational Training centre in Northern Spain that collaborates with the Basque Department of Education, Universities & Research and whose aim to promote innovation and applied research in the region. Along with Toyota, Tknika developed a project to introduce hybrid vehicle technology in vocational training to address the training needs of the VT centres and multi-brand companies which need to repair and maintain vehicles of this type.

The client was looking for an interactive tool that would assist their staff in learning and automating security protocols in its hybrid vehicles. The client requested a mobile application that operators could use to show responses to emergency situations that could occur in different components in a hybrid motor automobile, all in real time. The project called for a solution that would not require any external markers on the standardized parts of the vehicle.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed an application for tablets and mobile devices that incorporated Augmented Reality technology and which showed the user a series of interactive representations of security protocols and emergency responses.

The operator only needs to point the camera of the mobile device directly on the part of the vehicle their interested in and the application automatically displays relevant content including images, information about safety performance. The application includes 7 cases of emergency situations such as spills, first aid, etc. A backend content editor was also developed to easily permit remote updating of content as well as the possibility of incorporating new vehicle models.

4 Results: 

The client was extremely pleased with the end result of the project which provided the students with an intuitive solution that greatly improved the training process and assured that the students were able to learn all the necessary protocols in a novel way. The students themselves found the lightweight solution more interactive and made the training more effective.