AR guide for Royal Botanical Garden


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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

The Royal Botanical Garden in the centre of Madrid houses collection of over 5000 species of vegetation, plants and trees plants from around the world within its 8 hectares. The client wanted a way to create a more dynamic guided route through the garden using mobile technology. They wanted a solution which would allow users to learn about and be able to differentiate between the numerous plants within the garden. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a mobile application which integrates Augmented Reality as a way of improving the visitor experience. When using the application in the garden, the user can point the camera of their smartphone to one of the labels by the species which include a drawing and the name of the plant species. The application recognizes the image and then displays relevant content about that species on the user’s screen.  The interactive map function allows the user to know their location within the garden at all times, and they can even share information about the plants they found interesting over social media networks. 


4 Results: 

Visitors to the Botanical Garden can turn their own smarpthone into a powerful learning tool through the app which creates an important added value to their visit. The integration of social media networking in the application improves the visibility   of the Garden and its activities and helps get feedback from the users.  The app can be downloaded from Google Play: 'Las plantas y el hombre"