Armañón Interpretation Centre

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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Located in the Spanish northern province of Vizcaya,  the Armañon Natural Park and the Special Conservation zone of Ordunte Hills are two of the most important nature zones in this area of the Basque country. The client wanted to create an interpretation centre to help assist in the development and conservation of the zone.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed all the digital content for the interpretation centre located in the old mining exploitation zone called “Dolomitas del Norte”. The building is integrated in its natural habitat and is divided into four floors with displays which look at different themes regarding the natural space and its values (fauna, flora and humans), the territory, use of natural resources, geological history, erosion and caves.
Virtualware was responsible for the design, conception, development and building of the museum exhibition, integrating different interactive solutions into the design: interactive touchscreens, a virtual flight which allows users to fly over the region using the Microsoft Kinect technology, a 3D animation of the way the locals lived thousands of years ago and a 3D animation of a visit to the local cave where they can learn more details about the cave itelf.

4 Results: 

The space shows all the content related to the environment in a more visual, educational and interactive way to visitors which was the main goal of the client.