ARQUA Virtual Museum

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1 Client: 

GPD / ARQUA (National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology)

2 Situation: 

The National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology (ARQUA) in Cartagena, Spain is the institution assigned to the preservation of Spain’s Underwater Cultural Heritage and protection of its rich maritime legacy. The Museum features the timbers of a seventh-century B.C. Phoenician shipwreck discovered near Cartagena. It also explains the story of navigation, port construction and maritime trade in ancient times throughout its collection. In order to open the Museum to a worldwide audience, Virtualware was contracted to create a Web based interactive virtual tour of ARQUA..

3 Solution: 

Virtualware, in a collaborative project with partner company GPD, developed an online virtual recreatinon and visit of the ARQUA museum. It is currently the only museum in Spain entirely reconstructed in 3D that offers different multimedia content related to the most important museum objects in a three-dimensional setting. This is done through the use of videos and photographs of the different exhibition items. The virtual reconstruction displays the entire complex of some 6,000 m2, as well as the inside of the Permanent Exhibit Room of 1,600 m2, and another one devoted to Temporary Exhibits of 500 m2 that have more than 50 multimedia files to provide more information about its treasures.

4 Results: 

This service's main advantages are unlimited access to the Web page, a variety of multimedia information, free access at all hours and the ability for staff museum to easily update content. The application makes it possible for ARQUA to reach a world-wide audience and helps to attract real visitors to the museum.