Augmented reality app for cultural route in Bosnia

1 Client: 

Cultural Heritage withouth borders / Tecnalia

2 Situation: 

With the aim of promoting the protection of the cultural heritage in the conflict zones of Bosnia Herzegovina, CHwB was looking to use new visual communication technologies to provide visitors to the area novel ways of understanding the historical heritage route of Stolac which had been destroyed during the period of the conflict.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a multiplatform app for smartphones and tablets based on Augmented Reality technology which allows the viewing of historical pictures in situ, engraved pieces, maps, short videos and 3D reconstructions of monuments and buildings that were destroyed and have yet to be rebuilt. The app shows additional content over the real world view, a very useful tool for not only enjoying the visit but also for preparing excursions. Visitors can also share through social network sites up to 23 different Points of Interest, or select one of the three available routes: a route for kids, a short walking route or an adventure route. Depending on the tour selected, the visitor can also enjoy the visit while playing a fun virtual Gymkhana on their Smartphone where they unlock prizes and can share the results through Social Media. 

4 Results: 

The app is also available on the Atouch iPoint, an interactive kiosk located in the local Tourism office, widening the scope of this tourism project. Through iPoint, users can learn more about the history of Bosnia Herzegovina in an interactive and intuitive manner.

The app is available at Google Play in offline and online versions.