Augmented Reality App For Kids

What We Do: 
Augmented Reality

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1 Client: 

Codelco Chile

2 Situation: 

Codelco, which represents the National Copper Corporation of Chile, created a superhero character called Copper, as a way of promoting the importance of copper and its various uses to children. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed an application for mobile devices which combines the children´s imagination with latest in technology. It allows the children  to colour in a drawing of the superhero Copper, which then comes alive in 3D and flies around on their mobile device. The superhero is dressed in the same colours that the children used making the experience a very personal one for the kids. Background sounds add to the overall experience. A social media sharing element was added as the children can upload their version of Copper to the Facebook page created for the superhero. The application is based on Augmented Reality technology and is available in Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).     

At a launch event for the campaign, Virtualware provided the chance for visitors to have their picture taken virtually at human scale with Copper, using an interactive Photobooth using Augmented Reality. 


4 Results: 

The AR application was launched to children during school visits to Mirador Interactive Museum in Santiago de Chile, and in the Social Innovation International festival in Santiago Bicentennial Park in October 2013.

The app is available: Play Store (Android) /  App Store (iOS),