Augmented Reality for Asset Location in Petrona´s Gas Processing Plant

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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Petronas Gas Berhad, a company of Petronas (Petroliam Nasional Berhad), is the Malaysia’s leading gas infrastructure and utilities company with core businesses in Gas Processing and Utilities (GPU) and Gas Transmission and Regasification (GTR). The Company has a staff strength of 2,187 employees in Malaysia, the majority of them based at its plant operations located in Kertih and Santong, Terengganu, and in Gebeng, Pahang.

Petronas, as the Malaysia’s fully integrated petroleum corporation, aims to be a data-driven organisation, adopting new ways of working, to deliver new value where combining people, digital transformation and technology are the key to success. Their commitment for a better tomorrow includes revolutionising inspection and maintenance, and creating new work experience for our frontline operations. As part of their commitment, Virtualware is requested to create a solution based on augmented reality to improve the efficiency of the maintenance process in one their plants.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed an augmented reality app with the capability to identify and continuously track key equipment identified against current user location. The app monitor selected geotagged equipment relative to the user’s physical location involving phone / tablet camera and tracking sensors to coordinate the tracking and visualization when the user moves. The geotagged equipment is superimposed on top of the current camera visualization, displaying the following information: tag name, description or type of the assets.
The app has different configuration options to enhance workers experience:

  • View Range
  • Smooth Compass
  • Smooth Gravity
  • Height Offset
  • Field of View

The app runs on the current ex-rated device used by Petronas workers in their day to day. The AR app was successfully tested on the following devices:

  • Ecom ex-rated device
  • Realware HMT-1
  • Consumer Smartphone (Huawei Mate 10)

4 Results: 

The application developed by Virtualware met the main objectives:

  • Reduce errors in asset location
  • Improve efficiency in maintenance operations
  • Increase workers engagement