Augmented Reality for maintenance and remote support

Industry-40 , Training

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1 Client: 

Grupo Elay

2 Situation: 

Our industrial clients are constantly seeking to integrate innovative technology that can enhance their day-to-day operations. Product life-cycle management (PLM) is a critical process that industrial companies need to manage carefully when scaling up operations.

A key focus in PLM is supporting staff who are required to make crucial day-to-day decisions on the ground in factories. Optimizing the processes that drive these decisions can be the difference between competitive advantage or competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.

Reports suggest that around 70% of accidents are caused by human error – often because the operator was ill-equipped to make ‘on-the-spot’ decisions in dynamic situations. This problem is further exacerbated by high staff turnover, leading to additional training costs. Because of this, there is an impetus for companies to integrate new industry 4.0 practices that provide support to decision makers.

Elay Group is one such case. Operating out of Gipuzkoa, Elay group has over 50 years of expertise in the manufacturing of high quality components and have a large stake in the automotive industry. They required a solution to help with support and management of their plant in China from their headquarters in Spain.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware has developed a remote assistance application to meet the specific needs of Elay Group. The application connects their team in China with specialized support staff in Spain using a text and video streaming service. Information can be received on an employee’s mobile or tablet devices and video can be sent through a bespoke augmented reality interface.  The solution for both PC and mobile platform enables:

  • Video and audio call management
  • Text conversations
  • Sharing of critical information and documents
  • Relaying of photos and images in a secure channel
  • Additional context to be added to communications through augmented reality

This solution: 

  • Optimizes response time and efficiency when providing remote assistance to their workforce
  • Enhances an operator’s autonomy, empowering them to make appropriate decisions in their role
  • Increases plant productivity
  • Reduce travel costs to their Chinese plant
  • Improves training and skill acquisition for new employees.

4 Results: 

Elay Group has been using this solutions since August 2017. The solution connects operational managers in Spain and China. Elay group will be rolling out this application to their other plant Guanajuanto, Mexico in the near future.