Augmented Reality for Toshiba


What We Do: 
Augmented Reality

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1 Client: 

Comando Quattro

2 Situation: 

Launch of the new Toshiba Satellite R650 Laptop for Christmas 2010. The plan was to create an entertaining and attractive campaign to show off the new model's features and performance.

3 Solution: 

A direct action campaign was held during the Christmas holidays using a branded stand located in different shopping malls in Madrid and Barcelona. The stand had the laptop model to show to passersby in order to show off the product through demos, commercials and an augmented reality application.
Visitors who came to the stand used printed fliers that, when held up to the Toshiba Satellite R650 webcam, showed them different three-dimensional objects such as a wrapped present, the laptop itself in 3D and the ant that stars in the product's commercial.

4 Results: 

The stands yielded an average turnout of 600-700,000 people per mall during the Christmas campaign. A branding and equipment impact of roughly 20-30% of the visitors was achieved. Average attendance at the stand and interaction with the application was close to 300 people per day.