Banyalbufar virtual flight

1 Client: 

Banyalbufar Council, Spain

2 Situation: 

Banyalbufar is a town located on the island of Mallorca, Spain.  The surrounding mountainous area is famous for its tourist attractions and gastronomical fare. The client was interested in creating an app which showed all of the offering of the surrounding natural habitat, and that could be used in the main tourism office as well as in mobile devices. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a multiplatform app, intended for its visualization on the ATouch iPoint , a kiosk with a 42” touch screen, and  which allows the public to find out more information about the tourist, gastronomic and leisure offerings of the town in an interactive way, that could also be used on mobile devices.

Using orthophotos and elevation maps of the region, Virtualware modelled an accurate 3D model of the area. The user can then "fly" over the region using their body to get closer to the ground, turn or stop. There are 5 predetermined Cultural routes to follow with nearly 100 tourism Points of Interest (POIs). The user can stop at any of the POIs indicated by interactive markers, and by simply raising their arm, they can access multimedia information about that POI.

Virtualware developed a 3D interactive virtual flight to discover what the area has to offer. The visitors have access to the practical information of the town, divided into different categories. The application is also available in different languages. 

4 Results: 

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