Big Bang 2.0


What We Do: 
Serious Games

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1 Client: 

Basque Government Department of Education, Universities and Research

2 Situation: 

The Basque Government Department of Education, Universities and Research started Project School 2.0 in order to develop the possibilities that ICTs have to offer in teaching and learning processes and apply them within learning institutions. The prime objective is to support the integration of technologies in education.

3 Solution: 

Within the scope of the  Project School 2.0, Virtualware developed the "Big-Bang" project to offer digital educational material to help the learning process in the subjects of Natural, Social and Cultural Environment in the Third level of Primary School Education.
Through the use of different digital formats (2D animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, GoogleEarth, etc.), we created educational modules  that can be visualized in various hardware formats such as desktop computers, laptops and interactive digital whiteboards.

4 Results: 

The content developed by Virtualware is available on Proyecto Agrega: a platform which is used to manage the educational resources of the different regional communities that are involved in the  Project School 2.0. These new interactive tools, combined with traditional teaching methods, help improve the development of basic educational skills of the new generations of tech-saavvy students.