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What We Do: 
Multimedia Content

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1 Client: 

Codelco Chile

2 Situation: 

Codelco is celebrating 43 years as leader in the Chilean mining industry. To celebrate, the company was looking for an online action, which would show its contribution to Chile and its economic growth over the years.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed an innovative and interactive website, which highlights the main activities developed by Codelco, as well as its history and contributions to Chile during its 43 years of existence.

The websites was developed in HTML5 and is based on Responsive Web Design to assure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors of the most common browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

To improve the navigation through the different divisions of Codelco, the user has a bird’s eye view of 3D interactive virtual models of all the sites that they can explore intuitively. These flights, developed with incredible detail, run on Flash 11 or superior and are also available in an HTML5 version for mobile devices.

The website is divided into different sections and content types:

  • A 12 second HTML5 animation in the same vein as the famous Google Doodles, which shows the evolution of the mining truck which changes in appearance, from the first vehicles used in the mining industry to the modern day gigantic trucks.
  • An Interactive map to visualize the 8 different divisions of Codelco and to access full details of each.
  • 8 virtual flights which fly over the main work centres and show the most relevant elements of the different sites.
  • Historical audio-visual content and information about its structural and/or innovation projects.
  • HD 360º panoramic views of different zones such as Chuquicamata.
  • Corporate videos about the nationalization of the copper industry and about the history of Codelco.
  • Timeline highlighting the milestones of the Copper Mining Industry in Chile.
  • Infographic about the relevance of the company and its contribution to the country.

4 Results: 

the company’s activities different audiences and ages, with the aim of communicating the relevance of its contributions to the country. The client was extremely pleased with the results of the web and said: “We´re really happy with the solution Virtualware developed for us, which is a very powerful tool for us to show what we do here in Codelco… We are not only pleased with the quality of the work, but also with the project development process. Virtualware is a reliable company formed by excellent professionals, who were able to deal with all the challenges of the project in the most appropriate manner”