Dynacar: Electric Car Simulator


What We Do: 
3D Simulators

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1 Client: 

Tecnalia - Technology Corporation

2 Situation: 

Tecnalia, one of Europe's largest Research organizations, has been working on a new concept for the mobility of the future and on enhanced configuration and virtual evaluation tools that enable the development and integration of new solutions. Tecnalia developed Dynacar, a real time simulation environment for the design, development and validation of complete vehicle systems or subsystems. The goal is to change the way vehicle systems are designed and tested, moving from a siloed approach to a more integrated one for vehicle systems and their components. Part of the project required the possibility to be able to test drive the resulting car in a virtual manner.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware took an active role in the project by developing a real-time Graphics display system, the design and implementation of communication modules for a Virtual Reality Simulator. The simultaor became an important component in the project, especially the graphics engine, as it allows multi-screen display based on the latest nVidia 3D Stereoscopic Vision System.

4 Results: 

Since its launch by Tecnalia Corporation, various manufacturers within the automotive industry have shown interest in the system. Virtualware will complete the project by developing a range of vehicles, to generate a powerful tool based on a dynamic system that enables the simulation of different experiences by driving different vehicles.