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What We Do: 
Augmented Reality

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1 Client: 

Easy Cencosud

2 Situation: 

The client was looking for an innovative app which could offer their clients a value-added service by using Augmented Reality.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a catalogue app for iOS and Android that incorporates AR and which allows users to browse the latest furniture catalogue and simulate the latest offers from Easy´s catalogue their own home. The app is a very intuitive and easy way to plan purchases from an assortment of 12 of their most distinguished products, by combining their printed catalogue with Augmented Reality technology.

The Augmented Reality function of the app is very straight forward and simple to use. By placing the printed catalogue as a reference point in the area the user is planning to place the piece of furniture, then focus their mobile device on the catalogue by which the app scans the image and opens up the life size 3D model of that piece of furniture.

Thanks to an advanced image recognition system that doesn’t require a QR code or any type of marker, the user can see up to 3 different pages of furniture pieces through the Augmented Reality function. The app also allows the user to move the 3D furniture, rotate it, zoom in and zoom out to allow them to see exactly how it would look in their home or office.  Additionally, the user can snap a picture of the 3D furniture to share it through the social media. Easy will be organizing different competitions where the clients who obtain the most votes for their pictures will receive a prize.  

The app also provides a variety of information on the rest of Easy’s products, characteristics, measurement, colours, prices, etc. by linking to their store website www.easy.cl

4 Results: 

The app greatly improves the customers’ user experience by offering a value added service which allows them to quickly check if the piece of furniture their interested in fits in the space in terms of design and size.

Clients have shown their enthusiasm for this type of service and the app has already been downloaded 4000 times on the Apple App Store and over 7500  times on the Google Play Store.

The app is available for iOS and Android