HTML5 website and mobile app for the promotion of the Valley of Nansa and Peñarubia

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1 Client: 

Gim Geomatics

2 Situation: 

The Botín foundation´s Rural Development Program felt it was necessary to transmit the rich culture and natural habitat of the Valley of Nansa and Peñarrubia in the Cantabrian region in northern Spain and help convert it into a tourist destination. They wanted a global solution that allowed people of all ages and technology levels to better enjoy the area as visitors.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware collaborated with Gim geomatics to develop an HTML5 web which offers the visitor an online guide to the area, and where they can visualize and rate geolocalizated cultural and touristic resources from the Valley of Nansa and Peñarrubia. It is an interactive website which the contentcan be updated and modified easily, as well as be shared through Social Media, contents and share it in social Medias. The site ( incorporates multiple content types including maps with recommended routes and points of interest using GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps, panoramic high quality360° views and photos, as well as different functionalities including:

  • Twitter: to visualize all related tweets and hashtags.
  • Google Analytics: to track users´ navigation information.
  • Services Section: allows local companies to apply to be included in this section
  • Visit planner: view different routes, heritage sites, tourist lookouts,, services, etc.

In addition to this website, which has been optimized for all types of devices, Virtualware has developed Nansapp, a mobile app, which is available through Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). The app is connected to the website which assures its content is always up-to-date. The app includes the following functions:

  • Augmented Reality: through Layar, the application shows the location of the different sites of interest, all geolocalized through layers.
  • Google Maps has been integrated in all the points of interest to locate all the sites easily.
  • Wikiloc to broaden the information for each route.
  • The app gives lists a series of local services includinghotels, restaurants, etc. Each offers the option of phoning or emailing directly to the establishment, , visit their website or access to the file of the establishment in the “Valledelnansa” website. - Check-in, which allows users to show which points of interest or routes they have visited, , rate each one, upload a photo etc.
  • Access without an internet connection: After the first initial online connection, the app can be used offline, which is useful since in some points of the valley places there is limited internet connectivity. Both the web and app solutions are administered by the client using a Content Manager System to keep all their tourist, cultural and landscape resources updated.

4 Results: 

Since the launch of  the website and the app, there have been a multitude of vists to both.

  • SEO: the site appears in first place in Google when searching  for “Valle de Nansa”
  • Sessions: the average online visit lasts over 3 minutes 
  • Mobile Devices: Half of all  visits are from mobile devices

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