Interactive kiosk in Maritime Museum

What We Do: 
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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

The project called for a new interactive tool which would allow visitors to explore the history of Bilbao as an important fishing port. The interactive application would provide information about the city’s rich historical legacy including the evolution of the local shipyards, the role of women of the Ribera (riverside), the local culture all leading up to the present day. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware was responsible for both the hardware and software solutions for this project. A multitouch interactive kiosk was developed by Activa Media, Virtualware’s hardware development team. The visitors use this kiosk to interact with the 3D virtual visit to the city’s river, interacting with multimedia information at different Points of Interest represented by 3D buildings, all developed by Virtualware.

4 Results: 

The use of new technologies as a means of displaying and interacting with information is now becoming standard practice in museums. The resulting hardware and software for this particular project created a new way for visitors to learn about the rich history of Bilbao, particularly through its relationship to its river. The intuitive and engaging application soon became a popular attraction for visitors of all ages in the Museum.