Interactive Table & App in Foto Ikatz

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What We Do: 
Multimedia Content

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1 Client: 

Foto Ikatz

2 Situation: 

The photoraphy shop Foto Ikatz  in Vitoria (Spain) was looking for an innovative way to display their offer of photo print products and services and to allow their clients to order their photography print orders. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a retail app integrated in the Atouch Interactive Table which allows clients to customize the composition of their photos in multi-photo panels and to order prints directly. Designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use, the app allows the pictures to be loaded directly from a USB pen drive or from the mobile app of Foto Ikatz on to the table.  From that point, the client uses the Interactive Table to choose from different templates of photo panels, rotate and scale the photos and apply different filters to the pictures.

Afterwards, they can visualize the final result of the photo panel in a 3D rendering of a living room. Here they can choose a picture frame style and the final size of the panel, and then place the order to have it printed.

4 Results: 

The app installed on the Atouch Interactive Table has quickly become an important added value to the existing customer services offered by IKATZ to their clients and a new way of driving sales for the reatiler.