Interactive Table for new promotional campaign of Mahou


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Interactive Surfaces

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1 Client: 

Mahou / San Miguel

2 Situation: 

Mahou, the leading Spanish beer Company, wanted to launch its new promotional campaign called “Madrid tastes of Mahou” which make an unique experience discovering the secrets of it 5 stars flavor in Madrid´s culture representative places holding up on the latest technology.

One of the client’s main objectives was to connect Mahou´s history with Madrid where this brand was born 125 years ago,  through a trip full of experiences, secrets and anecdotes.

The client was looking for a creative solution which would not only help promote its campaign  but also provide a collaborative environment where guests could interact with tailor-made digital content on a hardware solution that was attractive yet robust at the same time. 

3 Solution: 

The Atouch Interactive Table was the ideal solution for the launch, as its 55” multitouch HD screen allows for collaborative interaction a perfect viewing of customized multimedia content. To ensure that the installation was worry-free in terms of maintenance, Mahou ordered the waterproof version of the Atouch Table. The public can now enjoy a great Mahou beer and use the Interactive Table without worrying about spilling any beer on it. 

4 Results: 

Mahou installed 3 Atouch Interactive Tables in different locations to help in the promotional campaign, including the neighbourhoods of Chamartin, Las Letras and Guindalera in Madrid.