Interactive Virtual Aquarium

Marketing , Retail

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1 Client: 

Yubari Japanese Restaurant

2 Situation: 

With the opening of their new luxury Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, the owners were looking for a technology solution that was on par with the quality and style that they planned to offer their clientele. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware created an interactive Virtual Aquarium made up of 25 different marine species controlled by artificial intelligence, so that they randomly move without a specific pattern.

The virtual aquarium is made up of six 80” Full HD screens forming a videowall which measures over 6 metres x 2 metres, where clients can watch and interact with the realistic marine life,  thanks to the integrated IR touch frame. 

4 Results: 

The opening was a complete succes with an exclusive event with the who's who of Barcelona's elite joining the fun. The Barcelona Footbal Club soon made an appearance at the restaurant as well to celebrate one of the player's birthdays there, checking out the aquarium as well. The Virtual Aquarium has now becomen an important element in the restaurant, drawing the attention of many of the clients.