Kinect App for Da Vinci Exhibition

What We Do: 
Multimedia Content

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1 Client: 

Empty / Exhibition Centre (Madrid)

2 Situation: 

The Art Exhibition Centre Canal Madrid hosted an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. Our partner, the installation company Empty, was in charge of the design and installation of the project. The brief called for a way to show the unknown side of the artist through models of his inventions, drawings, manuscripts and other works. 
The exhibition was divided into three different spaces where visitors could watch a 3D movie and find numerous reproductions of Da Vinci's machines.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware collaborated with Empty in developing an interactive application that allowed visitors to step in the shoes of the genius Da Vinci, by playing 3 different Kinec-based games. The visitors were able to interact in different virtual 3D scenarios and engage with different artifacts and art objects that were created by Da Vinci

4 Results: 

The Da Vinci  Kinect game quickly became the exhibition's most popular attraction, especially for children who learned more about the artist and his inventions in a fun and entertaining manner.