Maintenance itinerary planning system

What We Do: 
Mobile Apps Industry 4.0

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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Virtualware and Idom collaborate with Defex (a public Spanish company and leader of the project) to implement three control centres where security incidents are monitored and managed in the three geographic areas of the project: Gizah, valley of the Kings and Luxor.

3 Solution: 

Among other aspects, the platform developed is used to plan infrastructure maintenance using a tablet application that connects with the control centres.  The app, by means of augmented reality and with the representation of assets in the field in a geolocalised way, enables maintenance operators to perform planning routes in order to review all the project supplies, check technical data and modify their installation status in real time

4 Results: 

With this solution, the right information reaches the right person at the right time and at the right place, and we are confident that this information is clear and is always used in an appropriate and efficient manner.