Medical app to address Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease (COPD)



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1 Client: 

Boehringer Ingelheim / Neumo Madrid

2 Situation: 

The client needs a tool to help with the evaluation of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease (COPD), aimed at all professionals who treat this disease. 

3 Solution: 

The application, through various menus, has several features:

  • Allows for quick referencing of GOLD and GesEPOC guides.
  • Tools: interpretation of spirometry, scales, indices and questionnaires.
  • Management of consultations or check lists:
    • First consultation
    • Follow-up consultation
    • COPD exacerbation consultation
    • Pre-surgery assessment consultation
  • Generates reports

4 Results: 

The medical app has been given the corresponding CE marking.  It is Available for iOs y Android: