Mobile App for Outdoor Utilities


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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Indra is one of Spain’s largest information technology and defense systems companies, and works with large multisector clients. The brief indicated the necessity to develop an application which could identify the location of underground water utilities (pipes, valves…) over the surface of existing outdoor spaces using Android mobile devices

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a tablet application that shows the location of the underground water services using Augmented Reality and geolocalization through the GPS function of the tablet. The application overlays the underground public water infrastructure over the real world view to identify services locations and aid in maintenance procedures.    

4 Results: 

The application allows:

  • Avoiding unnecessary risks of damaging services when excavating.
  • Location of valves within a complex system.
  • Classification of elements of an installation in a virtual manner.
  • Obtaining information about an existing installation and maintenance.