Monitoring system of the manufacturing process

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1 Client: 

IK4 Azterlan / Sakthi Portugal

2 Situation: 

Virtualware developed for IK4 Azterlan, a Technological Centre with over 30 years’ experience in metallurgy, an advanced visualisation system called "OLIMPO" so that the operators at Sakthi Portugal, a company part of the Sakthi Group with headquarters in India and international manufacturer of automotive parts, can interpret the data from the production lines in a simpler and more intuitive way, enabling them to make real time decisions

3 Solution: 

This system enables a better management of the component quality during the manufacturing process thanks to a connection using the communication protocol .Net Remoting 2.0 with the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system implemented by IK4 Azterlan in the Sakthi manufacturing centre.

With a high UI (User Interface) finish, the system has a series of indicators and visual elements that help to interpret and monitor Sakthi’s manufacturing process. It also enables the dynamic loading and setting up of the customer logos and 3D models of the parts based on the information received from the MES system.

4 Results: 

The definitive implementation and the software stress tests are currently being carried out.    The official start-up of the Olimpo system will take place at the end of 2016. In a second phase, the aim is to develop a predictive system that will control other aspects besides the metallurgical