Responsible Consumption Ed Games


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1 Client: 

Basque Government Department of Education

2 Situation: 

In the wake of the gradual increase in the use of technology in the classroom, this project for the Basque government provides students with an opportunity to gain additional knowledge in support of the curriculum in a fresh way, and at the same time encourages the use of the Basque language.

3 Solution: 

The Eko-Bizitza! project was launched  with the development of teaching material in the fields of Biodiversity and climate change, as well as Responsible Consumption with the goal of helping
young people acquire responsible consumer habits. The Responsible consumption exercise includes all the tools needed to enable students to obtain information, explore and learn independently or with guidance. It asks questions like: When we get up do we turn off the bedroom light before we go for a shower? How long do we leave the tap on when we brush our teeth?                                With this new and open online education tool students learn responsible habits in a virtual world.

4 Results: 

This project became an additional interactive learning tool for the subject of Natural, Social and Cultural Environment Science for students in the Third Cycle of Primary Education. Immersed in a 3-D environment, students learned responsible consumer habits through the playing of videogames.