Security Control Centre

1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

This project was developed within the framework of a program of improvement of archaeological sites of the Ministry of Culture of Egypt. Virtualware worked together with the engineering firm IDOM and in collaboration with Defex, the Public Spanish contractor which led the project, in developing the project as well as technical assistance in the installation. The aim of this project was to set up three control centres to manage the security of three geographical areas: Gizah, the Valley of the Kings and the city of Luxor. 

3 Solution: 

Virtualware designed and implemented a complex surveillance and risk management system to enable security workers to efficiently track and control possible intrusions, alerts and breakdowns within the complex. The final product developed allows workers to use various devices, including both input devices such as special touchscreens developed by Activa Media or a 3D gyroscope mouse, as well as output devices such as the giant videowall display of the control centre, to monitor the various security zones.

The platform developed by Virtualware includes a highly detailed 3D model including all on-site security components geolocated on the model combined with a well-organized user interface and advanced interactive summary charts which all assist the security teams to quickly track down and respond to any alarms that are activated.  The overall system integrates cameras, sensors and analogue and digital actuators that form a customized middleware connection with third party hardware like those of Bosch or Scati. 

4 Results: 

The control centres have been successfully installed, put into operation and will be used to significantly improve the overall security of the entire complex. Additionally, in this first stage, the platform will also be used to plan infrastructure maintenance thanks to a tablet application developed by Virtualware which connects directly to the control centres. This app, through the use of Augmented Reality technology, GPS and the onsite geolocalization of the assets, allows maintenance workers to develop planning routes in order to check all project supplies, check technical data and update the conditions of the installation in real time.