Surgery Checklist for Nurses

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1 Client: 

Galdakano Hospital – Public Health System

2 Situation: 

The Hospital of Galdakano in norhtern Spain needed an interactive tool to help train different nursing profiles in order to help comply with the protocols and procedures of the different nursing specialties.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a Serious Game prototype for the Hospital in Galdakao. In this first phase, V-Nurse is a training tool to help show how to properly fill out a Check-List for surgical safety. It is not just an exercise to fill in a record; it is also meant to check and coordinate the team involved in the process (nurse / surgeon / anesthetists) to improve overall patient safety.  This Serious Game has been designed in accordance to both WHO guidelines (World Health Organization), and specific ones of the hospital of Galdakano as well.

In the game, the player must face different situations, following the official procedures and protocols in order to guarantee compliance in all stages . The aim is to prevent and avoid unnecessary risks for the patient, the professional, and the health institution,  and to resolve problems that could happen in real surgical nursing operations.

4 Results: 

The project was presented at the 6th International Congress of Surgical Nursing that was celebrated in Lisbon, Portual in April of 2012. The application itself helped improve the nurse's abilities within a very specific setting with different variables with the goal of improving overall safety during surgical procedures.