A training videogame for Vidrala


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1 Client: 


2 Situation: 

Vidrala, a leading glass manufacturer for the food and beverage industry, is made up of 6 production factories in 4 countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium). The Vidrala Group needed to innovate its employee training methodology with the introduction of e-learning in order to join and validate crucial content in order to obtain the necessary certification of its food safety and quality standards. 

3 Solution: 

The first online learning unit was The BRC Global Standards for Food Safety and Quality which allows the Vidrala Group to easily verify if its workers have received the necessary training on the basic standards of the BRC Protocol. Taking into account each worker’s profile, most of them industrial sector operators, Virtualware developed interactive digital content with a cartoon-style design and included several games with the aim of gamifying this training process.

Virtualware also developed an online Campus for Vidrala which allows the register, tracking and certification of the online training of the workers from all its factories. 

4 Results: 

The company has been very pleased with the high participation and satisfaction rate of the Vidrala workers with this new training method which improved upon the previous traditional system which proved difficult to manage for the company and led to poor results.