Virtual Flight over Cinco Villas

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1 Client: 

G4 Comunicación

2 Situation: 

In April 2011, the Cinco Villas district in the Spanish region of Aragon participated in a tourism fair to promote Bike Routes in the area and promote the launch of its website: They wanted a space to display, in a very interactive and entetaining way, the 15 bike routes that allow visitors to enjoy the district's beautiful landscape and cultural setting.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a Unity-based application for the Microsoft Kinect that allows the user to 'fly' over the territory to get a bird's eye view. Users could fly around by moving their body in a very intuitive manner thanks to the motion recognition technology of the Kinect. With arms outstretched and in a "flying" position, users could turn left or right much like a bird would do, go towards the ground by leaning over, or fly up by leaning back. They could open interactive markers located in different locations of the flight by simply raising an arm, which opens up multimedia files with information on that specific location.

Virtualware developed all software, including the User Interfac,  all the 3D mapping effetcts based on orthographic maps and photos deliverd by the client, as well as the Multimedia files.

4 Results: 

The display of 15 routes at BTT and their different levels of difficulty became the main attraction to the stand with many visitors fascinated with the possibility of being able to fly over the landscape. Most people felt it was a very engaging manner to learn more about the area, moreso than using traditional maps.

Currently, the virtual flight is housed on the client's website providing more information on the routes: