Virtual Reality Visualizer using the Oculus Rift

Marketing , Retail

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1 Client: 

Leroy Merlin

2 Situation: 

Leroy Merlin is a French home-improvement and gardening retailer with over 370 DIY stores in 12 countries around Europe, Asia and South America.

One of their most popular departments is that of Kitchen Furnishings, and they were looking for a way of creating an added-value service for customers looking for a new Kitchen in their stores. They understood that Virtual Reality technology could be used as a dynamic and interactive new POP sales tool that would allow customers to virtually visit different kitchen types in the Leroy Merlin Catalogue in a brand new and exciting manner.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a Virtual Reality software platform based on SDK 2 of Oculus Rift, which comprised of the different models in the Leroy Merlin kitchen catalogue, including the complete variety of flooring colours, wall finishes, countertops and cupboards. Once the customer puts on the Oculus VR goggles, they can virtually “walk” through each of the different kitchen space, see clearly what each model looks like, and later receive an email with a photo and information associated with their favourite kitchen units.

Thanks to an additional screen installed in the shop the rest of the public also will also be able to see what the customer wearing the VR goggles is experiencing.

The design of the installation is meant to be portable and has already been installed in various of the Leroy Merlin stores in Spain. The software can be managed remotely and is scalable to allow for the connection of multiple displays. 

4 Results: 

The strategic move in terms of POP marketing taken by this major retail brand is a ground-breaking project using the Oculus Rift SDK2. The overall solution implied an important effort in terms of R & D to help position Leroy Merlin as a company that is committed to innovation.

At the same time, this highly effective solution is also a great way of saving large areas of retail space normally dedicated to full mockups of kitchens typically found in these large stores.

The app also provides Leroy Merlin with important data from their clients, giving them a better indication of what their tastes and preferences are, and opens the door to viral marketing campaigns thanks to the connectivity with Social Media within the app.