Virtual Running of the Bulls

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1 Client: 

Regional Government of Navarra

2 Situation: 

The tourist industry in Navarra presents its attractions each year at the FITUR International Tourism Fair, held at the beginning of the year in Madrid, Spain. In 2009 the goal was to market Navarra as an exciting tourist destination, and to present the world famous summer festival of San Fermín in Pamplona in an innovative way.

3 Solution: 

Virtualware developed a virtual simulator for the running of the bulls at San Fermín to help bring the excitement of the event to the trade fair. The system was based on incorporating a treadmill fitted with fences, similar to those found along the actual route that is used in Pamplona,  and a VR headset to provide visitors with the highly realistic impression of running with the bulls. Virtualware handled the software development, and produced a virtual recreation of the whole old quarter of Pamplona.

4 Results: 

The regional government of Navarra described the region's participation in the international tourism fair as "highly positive", due in great part to the success of the bull running simulator. Around 2300 people ran virtually with the bulls, and some 22,000 more stopped to watch the virtual run on the screens. During the weekdays, an average of 360 people a day made the run, and on the weekend the figure was around 600. The Navarra stand attended around 60,000 people requesting information on a range of topics. Moreover, there were more than 2500 hits on the website in the first two weeks following its launch.