Virtualware Labs Foundation

A nonprofit organization whose aims are:

  • To add innovation to Virtualware's processes, products and staff.
  • To research and develop innovative products and services adapted to clients´ requirements and reducing the Time to Market.
  • To guarantee strategic alliances which can create opportunities within the Virtual Reality and Interactive Technologies fields.
  • To contribute to making economic and social development as an active agent of innovation.



ROCK (Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities) aims to develop an innovative, collaborative and systemic approach to effective regeneration and adaptive reuse strategies in historic city centres. By implementing a repertoire of successful heritage-led regeneration initiatives, it will test the replicability of a spatial approach and of successful models addressing the specific needs of historic city centres SC5-21-2016-2017 - 730280-1.

Research in Intelligent Systems Technology enablers for the Factory of the Future. The main objective in “Smart Factory” is to research and progress in technologies that contribute to the deployment of intelligent systems for factories of the future (FoF). In the project, technologies for environment perception, modelling and process simulation navigation in dynamic environments, the safe interaction of humans with robots and handling planning will be developed. CDTI EXP 00080542 / IDI-20150683.

The European WASTE4Think Project (Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management) seeks to design solutions based on the use of information and communication technologies that would enable the improvement of all waste management stages, adopting a global approach and particularly focusing on citizen participation in order to build more sustainable, eco-friendly cities. WASTE-6a-2015 - 688995

FocusLocus (ADHD management Gaming System for educational achievement and social inclusion) is a H2020 Innovation Action project that aspires to develop a gamified intervention programme for the management of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) conditions. FocusLocus brings together a multidisciplinary Consortium of partners aiming to design and produce market-oriented products and services for ADHD management by leveraging knowledge and technology from previous research and innovation activities. ICT-24-2016 – IA -732375.

The aims of “GameHub: University-enterprises cooperation in game industry in Ukraine” are: - Established monitoring instrument of competence profiles and training necessary for employment in ICT market in Ukraine - Built in each UA HEI contributing knowledge and competences for digital game production and entrepreneurship by developing learning materials, coaching, and consulting of HEI faculties - Mutually beneficial and viable cooperation between academia, employment and veterans associations, and GI strengthening the emerging Ukrainian ICT creative business sector. Erasmus programme, Nº:561728-EPP-1-2015-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.

BICIGAME, passive rehabilitation system with active monitoring, aims to design, develop and manufacture an innovative device for gait rehabilitation sessions through exercises. CDTI EXP 00081852 / IDI-20150780

Natural Interaction system for Analysis and rehabilitation of gait disorders in Parkinson, Mobeeze, aims to provide healthcare services with a valuie added tool to analyse, evaluate and monitor gait disorders of patients, as well as personalization and customization of rehabilitation sessions in patients, based on the real time patient data to enhance rehabilitation processes. Funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, R + D + I State ProgrammeOriented Society Challenges. RTC-2015-3870-1.

Cloud based platform for tele rehabilitation of neurodegenerative diseases combining therapeutic games with advanced motion capture devices Funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness - Horizonte Pyme - SME-2015-0522.

INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly IN LIFE aims to prolong and support independent living for elderly with cognitive impairments, through interoperable, open, personalised and seamless ICT services that support home activities, communication, health maintenance, travel, mobility and socialization, with novel, scalable and viable business models, based on feedback from large-scale, multicountry pilots. PHC-20-2014- 643442

Standard service platform for the colaborative management in the clould of 3D Digital Model City

Project supported by Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo (Spain) – Avanza2 - TSI-100400-2013-47

Synchronization TV program system in real team, for the new 3.0 spectator (TSI-100600-2014-19)

Advanced video-game adapted to the playful rehabilitation of children with neuromotor disabilities (RTC-2014-1812-1)

Collaborative CrEative design PlaTform Project supported by European Commission under 7th Framework Research Programme. - ICT-2013.8.1.

Development of a very low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display as advanced user interface for visually impaired" [SME-2012-1]

Project supported by European Commission under 7th Framework research Programme. [SME-2012-1]

Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation – Network of excellence (NoE) – Virtual Museums Transnational Network FP7-ICT-2009-6

Project supported by European Commission under 7th Framework research Programme. FP7-ICT-2009-6

Ecosystem for 3D stereoscopic post production considering the quality perceived and optimization of audiovisual production workflow.

Project supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) - INNPACTO- IPT-2011-1826-430000

Resilience, accessibility and sustainability for the historic city. Innovative ITC solutions for integrated urban heritage rehabilitation and management on an urban.

Project supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) - INNPACTO- IPT-0969-380000

Content and game‐revolutionary interactive tools for learning music.

Project supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) - INNPACTO- IPT-2011-0885-430000

Smart virtual tutoring system Interoperable virtual and smart 3D assistance and tutoring system oriented toward motivational cognitive development processes.

Project supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) - INNPACTO- IPT-2011-0889-900000

Interactive and personalized system on audiovisual content on the future in real time.

Project supported by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) - Avanza – Digital Content – TSI-090100-2011-173

Development of the portable augmented reality device for application in two sectors: Industrial; facility maintenance and tourism: Interpretation of heritage. GAITEK funding.

A project under way under AVANZA R&D consisting of the development of a portable augmented virtual reality device for different sectors of application. These include: industrial maintenance and heritage interpretation

Design project of future trade. Etorgai Funding

“Global standards among real and virtual worlds”. – It will provide a global framework of standards between virtual worlds (Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU, Google Earth…) and the real world (sensors, actuators, vision and rendering, social and welfare systems, banking, insurance, travel, real estate and many others). Funded by Plan Avanza.

Development of a real time control platform for control room based on simulation systems for a network of autonomous vehicles. NETS funding.

Development in consortium with MIESA, Fundación Labein and Oficina del Historiador de La Habana Vieja (Old Havana Historian’s Office). A market product was developed in this project that is currently patent pending. Funded by the ministry in the PROFIT program and awarded with the IBEROEKA seal.

Development of an augmented reality device prototype: Community wide. Co-funding in INTEK call to tender.

Supported by