Virtualware participates in a European project for the improvement of symptoms in patients with adhd

  • FocusLocus ( is an EU H2020 Innovation Action project that aspires to bring together a group of partners to develop an innovative videogame based  intervention for children with ADHD. The system is designed to help teach strategies to children for managing symptoms of the disorder. The project is led by a multidisciplinary consortium of partners from different countries within the European Union: Cortechs Connect, NCSR Demokritos (National Center for Scientific Research), Fundación Sant Joan de Déu, CSRI (Cognitive Systems Research Institute), and Virtualware Group’s R+D+i centre, called Virtualware Labs.

    The Virtualware Group is contributing to this project by guiding  the development and commercialization of the solution from over ten years’ experience operating within the health sector. The team focused on the development of game content that could augment the players behaviours by leveraging augmented reality technology.  The knowledge and results obtained from this project will inform the development of a future product for the management of ADHD.
    The project includes a pilot study with 10 patients from the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and the Centros de Salud Mental Infantil y Juvenil (CSMIJ) [Child and Adolescent Mental Healthcare Centres] in Mollet del Vallés and Vilanova.This pilot will be completed in the summer of 2018, while the main study (including 80 patients) between September and October 2019.

    The main object of this work is to test whether the intervention leads to an improvement in symptoms of ADHD and associated motor control using a carefully designed videogame. Participants will take part in a multisensory mixed reality game, designed to be tested in hospitals, health centres and special needs schools. This mode will be developed using the latest technology, immersing patients in an  augmented reality game. The studies will  collect data on neural activity of participants – during gameplay - using electroencephalography (EEG) technology.

    Acerca de Virtualware Group

    Virtualware is a world renowned company with expertise in turn-key solutions for immersive and interactive technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, immersive training, serious games and interactive hardware manufacturing. The Virtualware Group, with 14 years of experience in the market, closed 2017 with a turnover of 4.7 million euros - representing a +20% growth on a very successful 2016.  The Group is formed by three companies working in the field of immersive and interactive technologies: Virtualware offers bespoke immersive digital solutions for a range of industries. Evolv has developed a range of proprietary digital health applications, specializing in rehabilitation and orthopaedics. And Nmerso which is commercializing a patented virtual reality tracking system with the potential for unlimited users and huge room scale VR experiences.  Virtualware Group has 70 people in its offices in Bilbao, Madrid, United Kingdom, Mexico and Chile, and has its own R + D + i (Virtualware Labs).

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