SMART Interaction and Industry 4.0

  • Virtualware has defined the concept of “Smart Interaction” as a smart solution which uses the data that is constantly generated during an interaction or process to help improve productivity and efficiency. The fourth industrial revolution is best reflected in the “Intelligent Factory”, which forms the backbone of what the German government denominated as Industry 4.0.

    This is an IT-centric version of the factor in which all processes are interconnected and interact with each other. We are currently seeing the process of SMARTification of the manufacturing process, in the same way cities and modes of transportation have done around the world.

    This SMARTification is leading to an exponential increase in real-time data capture through a variety of highly precise sensor technologies that are now widely available. It is therefore fundamental in this era of the Internet of Things and constant data flow to offer intelligent systems for human-machine interaction that allow for quick decision making, with information access in a structured way and the possibility to quickly filter data, all packaged in a simple and intuitive manner that takes into account the different profiles of persons who will be interacting with this data.

    Virtualware has over a decade of experience in developing advanced visualization systems using technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and a deep know-how from developing multiple projects that integrate data from multiple external sources and systems. Tourism is another sector that has seen the use of constant data interaction under the name of “Smart Destination”, where tourist areas are being developed on the basis of incorporating technological infrastructures which employ Big Data, Apps using Geolocalization and Augmented Reality as well as immersive Virtual Reality solutions.

    These different technologies work simultaneously to capture and analyse in real time multiple actions by tourists with the aim of improving the administrative decision making process and facilitating visitor interaction with the surrounding tourism environment.

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