Virtualware creates a virtual reality experience to promote Antonio Bandera's latest movie

As part of the world premiere of the movie “Altamira” starring Antonio Banderas, Morena Films and Samsung wanted to provide the public with a truly unique experience based on the film, which deals with the discovery of the famous prehistoric cave in Cantabria, Spain. The cave’s fame lies in the fact that it was the first in the world to be discovered with prehistoric paintings in it, whose importance led it to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Various museums around Spain, including the famous National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, will be offering their visitors the Altamira VR Experience, a Virtual Reality app developed by Virtualware that immerses the spectator in the actual Altamira cave. This is especially important as the cave is now closed to public visits in order to protect the delicate paintings.

The recent explosion of interest in Virtual Reality based on the multiple launch of new devices that are now more accessible to the general public and offer a greater user experience, which includes the Samsung Gear VR. The Samsung goggles are a wireless high-end solution which Virtualware has used to create a truly immersive experience though a mobile app.

The starting point for the project was a highly complex set of 3D scanned data points of the cave and its geological structure, which was carried out by GIM Geomatics, a company specializing in the management of information of heritage sites.

Virtualware generated a highly detailed 3D model that represents at full scale the depths of the cave and its famous prehistoric rock paintings.

This combination of technologies helps transport the user right to the interior of the Altamira cave where they can discover its geological splendour and its treasured paintings of bisons, deer and horses, much in the same way the 8 year old María Sanz de Santuola first found the cave in 1878. 

ABOUT Morena FIlms

The Spanish film production company Morena Films was founded in 1999. The company has produced over forty feature length films, documentaries, animated works and TV series with directors such as Oliver Stone, Icíar Bollaín,  Steven Soderbergh amongst other well known directors.

ABOUT GIM Geomatics

GIM Geomatics is a company dedicated to bringing geomatics engineering to the Management of Heritage, Industrial , Historical and Environmental sites. The company has two distinct work areas, one entirely devoted to production and the other research.

ABOUT Virtualware

Virtualware is an international technology company that specializes in immersive and interactive software and hardware development aimed at different sectors: heritage, tourism, training, education, industry, and health among others. With over a decade of experience in developing a wide variety of innovative solutions incorporating the latest technologies such as virtual reality , augmented reality, motion capture, etc. in custom projects for hundreds of clients. Virtualware has developed serious games, gamified platforms, mobile apps, simulators, advanced visualization systems as well as proprietary products that are currently sold around the world.

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