Virtualware celebrates the kick-off Meeting of the H2020 Project MEMENTO

  • The Kick-Off Meeting of the H2020 Project MEMENTO, took place in Bilbao from 27th to 28th of June. The project is aimed to be a persuasive system supporting Memory and Moments of people with Early and Middle stage of dementia.

    Memory loss is often one of the first signs of dementia. Most people with dementia remember early memories clearly than recent events. This is because memories tend to decline in reverse order compared to the time they were experienced. However, as the condition progresses, even these long-term memories will eventually decline.

    MEMENTO provides a solution to help people with dementia to life with a decline of memory – short term memory as well as long term memory. It will provide a tool to create own set of memories in everyday life, and it comprises of three different devices:

    1. The Wearable Device, a Personal Assistant that people will take with them all day to record voice notes, video clips and instant photos, which can give small information about places and people which have been stored by themselves.
    2. The Digital Blackboard, that can be mounted at a home wall, which can be used to share memories with parents and friends, to write notes in the form of digital post-its or to track daily events and reminders for healthcare (e.g. taking drugs) in an interactive digital calendar that supports day-to-day organization.
    3. The Smart Pen, that can be used in a natural way to note down notes and post-its, by writing them down to a pocket book, which people with dementia may use to explain relevant memories and are motivating for them

    The MEMENTO Consortium is formed by a multi-disciplinary group composed of 9 partners forming an ideal and well-balanced team: Virtualware (Spain – Coordinator), AIT (Austria), BKM Design Studio (Austria), Medical University of Vienna (Austria), Wetouch (Austria), Integris (Italy), Università di Perugia (Italy), Bidaideak (Spain) and Citard Services (Cyprus).


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